Access to sandbox environment

You need to create an application to call the services. For each application a unique API key will be generated by the system. This key you will pass with all API request you will be issuing.
The initial application settings (API Plans for its services) allows you to access the sandbox environment.
Using the API key you specify in the API requests the system determines the application (an API key belongs to exactly one application). The API plan assigned to the services of the application then determines whether the requests will end up in the sandbox or production environment.

Adding an application

Adding an application is necessary to obtain an API key.
Once you create an application, you can use its API key to access the sandbox environment straight away.
Click the Add Application button in the Applications section.
Add application


Choosing a platform for your application allows for better API usage statistics in the reporting section of the portal.
Select services or their groups you want to use and confirm their EULAs.
For the currently available services, you can leave the Auth tab empty.
Manage application