Registration in the Developer Portal

To start using the services, you need to register in the Portal and confirm an email that will be automatically sent to you.

After successful registration, you will be able to log in to the portal, create a new application and obtain its API key -- this will be needed when sending requests to the APIs.


From now on, you will have access to the Sandbox environment.


There are two tabs in the registration form:

  • personal information
  • additional information


Personal information

 Registration, step 1


Additional information

Registration, step 2

Enter your organization name and select the APIs you want to use.

If you would like to use PSD2 services, enter the following into the Description field:

- ICO: Your company IČO registration

- Registration number: Your registration number you got from the Czech National Bank

- Contact: your email and/or phone


You will be able to add or change this data later on in the portal once you are registered.